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About Tel Aviv Hotels

The Dan Hotels chain offers a choice of two hotels in Tel-Aviv, both in central, sea-front locations. With its leisure and conference centers, the "Dan Panorama" Tel Aviv perfectly combines business and pleasure, while the "Dan" Tel Aviv Hotel, Tel Aviv's original luxury hotel, provides guests with an unrivaled luxurious experience.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa City is a cultural metropolis on the Mediterranean coastline. The city that has emerged from the sands, attracts visitors from all over the world, year round, who come to experience its golden Mediterranean beaches, unique architecture, cultural performances and intense nightlife.

As modern, global city, Tel Aviv is a financial and commercial hub, and a major center for international business, renowned for its innovation and get-up-and-go attitude.

As a place of leisure, Tel Aviv is a melting pot of ideas, offering an extraordinary variety as well as cuisines from every corner of the globe, round-the-clock cafes and bars, an exquisite array of shopping places, theaters, museums and galleries, all in a city that comprises the world’s largest collection of Bauhaus architecture.

The ancient city of Jaffa, part of the Tel Aviv municipality, is a historic gem built with narrow winding alleyways and cobbled stone streets. The Jaffa Port is used as a fishing port to this day, as it has for more than seven millennia predating Muslims, Christians, Jews, and even the Ancient Egyptians.

Tel Aviv's Markets

The city offers a variety of an amazing markets like: "Carmel" market - offers the intensive Isareli culinary experience, "Levinsky" spices market with all the traditional food dishes. Other new modern markets were opened in the past few years like: "Farmers market" at Tel Aviv's port - offers a unique experience including exotic fruits and vegetables. "Sarona Market" is another trendy option, located next to "Sarona" area. "Allenby Rothschild" market - offers a vibrant experience near the hottest bars in town. Other markets are: "Shuk Hapishpeshim"- offers good bargains and vintage items. Another market is the "Vintage market" at new Givon square, where you can find cool items.

Tel Aviv's Port 

At the northern end of the beach, the Tel Aviv Port offers a vibrant designers' shopping-area, stores, bars and clubs and a unique farmers market. 


You can find in Tel Aviv many art museums. Two main museums are: "Tel Aviv museum of art" is well known with its international exhibitions. Another main museum is "Erez Israel"- includes culture and contemporary art exhibitions. Besides art museums there are many trendy art galleries in the city. 

Tel Aviv's new promenade

The 2 "Dan" hotels- "Dan Panorama" and "Dan" Tel Aviv are located next to the sea shore and the renovated promenade. You can find long beaches with sport equipment and trendy cafes. 

Your stay at the Dan Hotels in Tel Aviv is sure to exceed your expectations, with both the "Dan" Tel Aviv and the "Dan Panorama" Tel Aviv hotels superbly located for those wishing to explore the surrounding mosaic of attractions. Both of these landmark, luxury Tel Aviv hotels are perfectly situated in incredible seaside locations along the Tel Aviv’s Promenade, within easy reach of all that Tel Aviv-Jaffa has to offer.